What is that?

KiTTiE PeRM is a logo and brand for all projects created and produced by professional artist mikO Tolliver including music releases, video productions and educational materials...

mikO Tolliver

A singer-songwriter, guitarist, writer and video producer. mikO Tolliver

Music Releases

As a record label, KiTTiE PeRM has released two independent albums, "Heart is Money" & "Attack of The KiTTiE PeRM." Both albums are available for purchase at Bandcamp .

ORCA music @ KPFA Radio - 94.1 FM

ORCA is a music radio program at KPFA Radio 94.1 FM broadcasting live music recorded in studio by local musicians. The program offers a platform to artists and other members of the community with limited resources an opportunity to expand their audience.

"Guitar Basics" - Color-Coded Guitar Instruction Booklet

"Guitar Basics" is a color-coded guitar instruction booklet written by mikO Tolliver. It has been used for over a decade to teach beginning and intermediate students. For more info visit "Guitar Basics" - Color-Coded Instruction Booklet

"Guitar Basics" - The Web Series

The YouTube web series of entertainment teaching video lessons for learning guitar Guitar Basics - The Series


ROCK STAR GUITAR ACADEMY is an after school music enrichment program. The program offers classes in Rock Band and Songwriting at various locations throughout the Bay Area of Northern California. Visit ROCK STAR GUITAR ACADEMY